Thursday, January 14, 2010

FOUND! Missing woman in Haiti-Have You Seen Her or Can You Call?

The missing woman is in orange holding her baby. She is my friend's sister.

My friend Chacha wrote this:

Her name is Juliette Thercy and her phone numbers are and She lives in Delmas 36. She is 5'3' and about 130. If someone picks up just say "Ah-low Juliette" (Hello Juliette). If someone responds please say "Ray-lay sair-oo Chacha" (call your sister Chacha). Please call me if you hear a voice. Also the tall woman wearing the brown outfit is my friend Gabie, she is the Executive Director of Sonje Ayiti "Remember Haiti" a non-profit in Haiti that helps Haitians empower themselves in Haiti. She is also in Port-au-Prince and I haven't been able to talk to her but she's alive and may know my sister's location. The boy holding my niece is my sister's cousin and he loves to do my niece's hair and he is so sweet. We keep calling and calling and sometimes I get a ring other times the "earthquake message" but if you call we may increase our chance of reaching her.

My phone number is and you can give that number out as well. I also have another close friend who is missing and if he is safe he may be able to help. His name is Herns Dede and he works at Digicel his number is: He lives in Petionville. It's so weird, I just saw him this past friday and now he's hard to reach. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

EDIT-She has been found alive and well!

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