Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July and Another Question Set

Happy Fourth of July! The Fourth has always been one of my favorite holidays, I have fond camp memories of painting our fingernails red, white, and blue and watching the fireworks. I'm not as patriotic as I used to be, but I'm still very glad that the Declaration of Independence was signed in the American colonies 235 years ago. Hope you enjoy the fireworks tonight if you're in the US!

Question(s): What are your book borrowing habits? Do you use the library? Do you prefer to try before you buy? What about lending your books to friends? Are you a good borrower, do you remember to return books?

My book borrowing habits are perhaps a bit inconsistent. I've used the library fairly often, usually in bursts and spurts, for the past four years. Before that, most of my books were bought and many of them were gifts or came from gift cards. When I was much younger, my mom did used to take me to the library more often, so I was borrowing regularly. To be honest, I'd prefer just to buy tons of books and have them around, but I've tried to be smarter about only buying books I know I really want and trying not to buy books I could get at the library. I do loan books occasionally to friends and my policy with that is I only loan books I wouldn't care about not getting back. I'm often quite happy just to give a book away if I think a friend will enjoy it. And am I a good borrower? I try to be. To my knowledge, I have at this point returned all books I have ever borrowed. But one of my friends can tell you that it did take two years to get her book back...

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redhead said...

i'm definitely a library girl, in fact, I have some books due tomorrow. for a long time, I was buying books left and right, new, used, garage sales, whatever. and now i have an apartment that looks like it threw up books. so i try to cull the collection now and again, and be more careful about what i buy. about 1 in 10 books that i get from the library I end up purchasing eventually.

another great topic!