Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Things That Make My Life as a Reader/Book Blogger Easier

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Five Things That Make My Life as a Reader Easier

1. Hold That Thought Bookmarkers

For marking important lines without marring my books!

2. Bookmooch

Getting rid of books I don't want/need, getting books I do want/need, and holding points in reserve for books I can get in the future when I theoretically have more space. Yay!

3. My bookcases and my organizational system

Where would I be without my bookcases, where I know how to find each book? (Now if only I could get the rest of them out of the boxes...).

4. Other Readers

I love getting recommendations for books from friends, family, acquaintances, people on the street...I'm not picky.

5. Artificial Light

Thank you Thomas Edison.

Top Five Things That Make My Life as a Book Blogger Easier

1. LibraryThing

I enjoy using the "Currently Reading" feature on my blog.

2. Amazon Associates

I don't ever make money with them, but I like using the images of books. And, if I get clicks, even better!

3. Other Book Bloggers

I get so many ideas and inspirations from other bloggers; Litlove, Boston Bibliophile, and Biblibio, just to name a few.

4. Tor

Whether sending me books to review, providing short stories on their entertaining website, or sending me their deliciously nerdy newsletter, Tor is certainly a boon for keeping up with new publications and publishing news.

5. Top Ten Tuesdays!

So that at least once a week, I have a topic in mind to write about!

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