Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

1. Stephanie Meyer

Ok, I did read the first chapter of the first Twilight book. But that doesn't really count, right?

2. E. L. James

And I've sworn not to.

3. Marissa Meyer

Maybe I'll get to Cinder and co., maybe not.

4. James Patterson

5. Stephanie Perkins

I feel like almost every blog I read has mentioned Anna and the French Kiss.

6. Nora Roberts

Not really into romance.

7. Janet Evanovich

I see her books everywhere.

8. Ian Fleming

He has a huge following, just don't know if it's my cup of tea.

9. Cormac McCarthy

Again, huge following, his subject matter just seems too grim to me.

10. John Updike

I liked some of his poetry I saw, but the Rabbit books don't really appeal to me.


lillylilac said...

Good list, I loved Cinder and I think that Anna and the French Kiss is extremely overrated.

Becky LeJeune said...

Oh, I've got E.L. James on my list. I'll never touch her books, definitely not my thing and definitely not going to be.

Bookzilla said...

I've never read Cinder, either. It's dystopian, which is my least favorite genre.

Here's my TTT for the week. Happy reading!

Space Station Mir said...

@lillylilac Thanks for sharing, I think you're the only one I've seen admit that about AatFK.

@Becky LeJeune Yes, let's start a no-E.L. James pact!

@Bookzilla I agree dystopian is overrated, but why is it your least favorite?

Bookzilla said...

I've thought a lot about that question — why do I dislike dystopian?

The closest I can come to an answer now is that dystopian novels are invariably frightening and sad. Characters I come to love are sacrificed because they "know too much," or are viewed as heroes in a society that doesn't tolerate their existence.

It's hard to explain more clearly than that.