Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top Ten Books I Recently Added to My TBR List

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

So...the most anticipated ten books on my TBR list (which has been growing for years) or just the last ten I added? I'm doing a mix, but trying to include only books I added in the past, let's say, six months.

1. The Martian by Andy Weir

2. Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran

3. The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

4. The Tale of the Heike (author or authors unknown)

5. The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley

6. The Just City by Jo Walton

7. Holy Cow by David Duchovny

8. The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings by Philip Zaleski

9. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok

10. The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine


Stephanie said...

The Girls at The Kingfisher Club almost made my list as well - it's probably number 11:). The Just City is also one I'm looking forward to and the only one I've read on your list is The Martian which is once to anticipate - It was a blast!

Space Station Mir said...

@Stephanie-I've always loved the Twelve Dancing Princesses story, so I'm interested to see an update. And I hear only positive feedback on The Martian-I need to get my hands on it!