Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Haven't posted in a while since I've been so busy, so it's a great opportunity to do Bookishly Boisterous's Thursday meme (which I mostly creep on instead of participating).

1. Yesterday, I did a presentation for a bunch of kindergarteners on how to write a story. I think it went reasonably well. Fernanda, a five-year-old girl, and Lenny, a 21-year-old cat who has escaped from the South, embark on a journey to space, but get stuck in their rocket and crash-land on the Seastar Planet. Unfortunately, they are attacked by starfish wielding lasers, who kick them off the planet. Rocket ship miraculously working again, Fernanda and Lenny travel to Mars, but are interrupted by crashing meteors (everyone knows there are lots of meteors on Mars, according to one five-year-old boy). Following their Mars adventure, Fernanda and Lenny may or may not have traveled to Jupiter and the moon, but the upshot of it is they land on Earth and are glad to be home and safe with Fernanda's loving family. Also, Fernanda never fights with her sister Camila and unnamed little brother.

2. My dog is an unrepentant book eater. Recently, I took a picture of a book I was sent for review, left it sitting on a low table, and returned to find it partially devoured. Yesterday, my dog started treating the lower shelves of my bookcase like a buffet. I've currently moved everything to upper shelves, but that will no longer be an option once I've finally got all of my books out of boxes.

3. I am (hopefully) finishing a now more-than-a-year-long saga of unpacking, mostly books. Despite the fact that I've donated and given away a substantial numbers of books in the past couple of months, I'm afraid I still have more than can fit on my bookshelves! How is this possible?

4. Also, I am seriously considering cataloging and organizing my books according to the Library of Congress system. Has anyone else done this?

5. I will probably talk more about this on the blog later, but I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. This might mean I have even less time for blog posts, or perhaps that I will post more in inspiration/procrastination. We shall see.

6. Here is my dog, pretending to be innocent before a book rampage.


Christine said...

My dog destroyed a book once (The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides) and I had to put him in his crate and just take a few deep breaths. I was so mad!

Stephanie Shepherd said...

It's a good thing dogs are such cuties (yours is adorable)! My dogs are notorious paper eaters as well. In addition to a number of books they once ate $80 in cash off the dining room table. Thankfully they only indulge in this when I am not in the house so I've cleared all the books and other paper out of the bedroom and they stay there when I'm at work. I just have to be very careful to remember to remove any books on the nightstand from the room each morning:). Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

Space Station Mir said...

Glad I'm not the only one with a paper fiend for a dog. And luckily, she hasn't made any of my books completely unreadable (though a couple are pretty bad). No cash eating yet!