Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top Ten Historical Settings I'd Love to See

1. Pre-Exodus Egypt

A book set when the Jews were slaves in Egypt--possibly a novel about Moses and Miriam, or maybe about one of their contemporaries.

2. Celtic Ireland

Before the Romans, before Christianity, before England takes over...

3. Celtic Wales

Maybe sometime in the Middle Ages or earlier, when Wales was its own kingdom.

4. New Amsterdam

What was the Dutch colony of New York like?

5. Sweden under Gustavus III

This 18th century philosopher king was an intriguing character in The Queen's Lover, and I want to know more.

6. Sweden under Queen Christina

Like Elizabeth I, she's famous for never marrying. Also, for later abdicating and becoming a nun.

7. The Haitian Revolution

It was the Western Hemisphere's largest and most successful slave rebellion. There must be fascinating stories to tell.

8. The Caliphate in Spain

What was Southern Spain really like under Islamic rule?

9. Post-Inquisition Turkey

It would be interesting to hear the stories of Jews after they fled the Inquisition and what life in the Ottoman Empire was like.

10. Colonial Canada

 I've read one book set in Canada during the French and Indian war (Calico Captive) and would love to learn more.

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