Friday, July 8, 2011

Question: What author do you own the most books by and why?

My Answer:

If I'm counting physical books, I own more Jane Austen books than any other author, but that's counting multiple copies of the same book, as detailed in a former book meme question. Otherwise, it's a close call between C.S. Lewis and L.M. Montgomery, I own 10 of Montgomery's books and 11 of Lewis'. It's not surprising because these are two of my favorite authors and also because they both wrote seven-book series that I love and own in full: The Anne of Green Gables series and the Chronicles of Narnia. I also own Lewis' Space Trilogy books, which are actually much more impressive than the Narnia books, and a book of his essays and stories, Of Other Worlds. In addition to the Anne books, I own the first Emily book, a few standalone novels, and a short story collection of Montgomery's. It's perhaps interesting to note that for both these novelists, while I was initially attracted by their popular series, I'm a much bigger fan of their more obscure works, and I hope to add to both these collections someday!


redhead said...

we have a few Montgomery's, and I think I bought my first Austen last year (I know, I'm a total cretin!).

Robert Heinlein would be the author that I own the most of, i think i have 18 of his. Next most is Frank Herbert, I own i think 12 of his. And next is Robin Hobb, we've got 9 of 10 of hers.

why? cuz those are the authors that I can't get enough of! and even though Heinlein pisses me off sometimes, I continue buying his stuff.

Space Station Mir said...

I need to read more Heinlein, I really enjoyed/ was provoked by Stranger in a Strange Land. I've got Herbert's 6 Dune books, but nothing else by him.

Marie said...

By the numbers, the author whose books I have the most of is Ken Akamatsu, because he wrote a 14 part manga series I've collected. Past that, probably Margaret Atwood or DAvid Sedaris.

Re: your comment on my blog today- you make some good points. I like Data, too, but it's hard for me to get emotionally involved. As for BSG, I'm watching that series on Netflix at the moment (hence toasters) and yeah, I'm not moved by the cylons. Big noisy tin cans. And that includes the "human" ones!

Anna said...

I think it's Jane Austen and L.M. Montgomery for me. My daughter has at least 50 R.L. Stine books.