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Top Ten Books I've Read So Far in 2015

Happy Top Ten Tuesday! It's funny, I've done a lot more reading by this point in the year than in past years, but I feel like I've read fewer books that I absolutely LOVED. Maybe it's more a matter of percentage though. 1. Kindred by Octavia Butler 2. The Creation of Eve by Lynn Cullen 3. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith 4. Pearl of China by Anchee Min 5. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore 6. Fire by Kristin Cashore 7. The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon 8. The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord 9. The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters 10. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling p.s. I swear I did not intentionally make this 90% female authors. It just happened.

My Top Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics

Say that three times fast! Happy Fifth Anniversary Top Ten Tuesday ! 1. Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books I'm always running across amazing quotes I'd love to share. 2. Top Ten Characters I'd Like to Check In With I always wonder about what happened to various side characters. 3. Top Ten Books for Readers Who Like ______ Excellent way to get recommendations! 4. Top Ten Books that I Wish Were Taught in Schools Something I think about a lot. 5. Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters I really like secondary characters. 6. Top Ten Least Favorite Romances Okay, this technically was the opposite of what the topic was supposed to be, but I had a lot of fun with it. 7. Top Ten Best Bookish Memories ( and Part II ) I enjoyed reliving these memories! 8. Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever I love making fun of silly characters. What can I say. 9. Top Ten Bookish Confessions We should definitely do this again. It was very freeing!

Thinking Through Racism with Octavia Butler

I want to write more about my reactions to Kindred and encourage more people to read it. Octavia Butler has been one of my favorite authors since I read Dawn when I was in elementary school. I picked it up off the desk in my scientist father's office one day, and I just started reading. When I read Dawn , I didn't know that Octavia Butler was a black woman. I wouldn't have attached any special significance to it if I had. It spoke to me because it addressed a problem that made a lot of sense to a young girl raised on Star Trek . What would happen when the aliens came, and what if they wanted to assimilate us? It was a different take on assimilation, of course, than that of the obviously evil Borg (who became more complicated in First Contact and Voyager , but this was before that), and it fascinated me. Was it really more important to be "pure" human? What if the aliens were nice, and could cure cancer? I struggled continually with the question, and could not

Thoughts on Ship of Fools

If you remember, I picked up a lovely hardback copy of Katherine Anne Porter's Ship of Fools at Gramp's Attic Books in Ellicott City . Recently, I got an e-mail from Open Road Integrated Media , which just put out an e-book version, and wanted to know if I'd spread the word. Consider word spread =) They have quite an appealing site, but I couldn't seem to find a search function, which was a bit of an issue. Most likely I am missing something obvious. (*edit* Search function is on the top right. Not sure how I missed it.) Anyhoo. This brought me to start actually reading Ship of Fools . I read a synopsis and flipped through before I bought it, and I definitely wanted to support a long-lost classic from a female author in the early twentieth century. However...I feel quite complicated about it, now at roughly 180 pages into this nearly 500 page tome. It's very early twentieth century American, and it possesses the qualities that I both love and hate about early-t

Top Five Books I'd Love to See as Movies/TV Shows

Happy (late) Top Ten Tuesday! Let's see how many books I've read lately I can fit in here... 1. hypocrite in a pouffy white dress by sarah jane gilman Sarah Jane Gilman's life story is so ridiculous it could be a TV show. And it would guest star Mick Jagger. 2. The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall This would be a sad, yet oddly farcical Lifetime made-for-TV movie. 3. Seraphina and Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman There's probably a good chance this will become a movie because dragons. And the plot is simple, but the world has depth. It would visualize really well, and fit with popular themes of outcast saving the world. 4. The 100 by Kass Morgan Oh wait...but seriously. The show is so good. Better than the book, but the book ain't bad. 5. My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira Would make a really strong Civil War movie. And that's it. There are very particular qualities in a book that translate well to cinema imo.