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Forgotten Country

10. Forgotten Country by Catherine Chung Rarely have I ever thought that a book and cover go so well together. The beautiful geometric patterns laid over the light pink flowers express the essence of this exquisite novel very fittingly. It incorporates both the math that occupies the mind and studies of the main character and the garden that she and her family attempt, and fail, to cultivate both literally and metaphorically. Korean-American debut author Catherine Chung begins, "The year that Hannah disappeared, the first frost came early, killing everything in the garden." That sentence embodies the cyclical garden imagery and mathematical precision of language that permeate the novel, and again, are also found on the cover. The main character, Janie or Jeehyun is tasked with finding her errant younger sister Hannah, or Haejin, who chooses to abandon her family without a trace just before their father is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Janie reflects on Hannah's