Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DragonCon Overview

DragonCon is the largest science fiction/fantasy convention in the world, and this year I got to go.

This was my first convention and definitely not my last! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go. In particular, I was very impressed with the demographics-boys and girls, men and women of all ages attended.

There were so many panels I wanted to go to and so many people to see and things to do, I didn't get to nearly half of them. I'm going to list the panels I did attend, some book-related and some not-so-book-related. For the book panels, I'll do some follow-up posts so I can have a chance to respond to them. I do wish there was more time for the audience as well as panelists to discuss issues, not merely listen or Q&A.

The picture is of " A Night in Bree."

DragonCon Panels I Attended:


Top Ten Things I Wish I'd Known [As a Writer]
with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

Writers Talk: David Gerrold

Sex and Romance in SF


The Never Ending Trial
with Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, and Levar Burton

Tolkien and Lewis

The Higgs Boson and the Mystery of Dark Matter


TOR to Come
with editors from Tor, an imprint of Macmillan

Fantasy World Building

A Scientific Study of Polyamorous Families


Transhumanist Open Discussion Panel


redhead said...

awesome!! aren't cons the best? and you got to go to the BIG one!

I'm looking forward to your follow up posts, especially to hear more about the panel with the Star Trek actors, and panels about scifi and fantasy worldbuilding and authors.

did you get autographs? did you meet famous people? what kind of costumes were people wearing?

Space Station Mir said...

It was definitely one of the most exciting and probably the biggest event I've ever been to.

I did not get autographs, as most of the ones I would have wantedw ere extra money, but I did get to see quite a few people, including Nichelle Nichols, Billy Boyd, John Rhys Davies, James Callis, and Jamie Bamber. Costumes-so, so many. A lot of Uhuras, a cohort of Sookies, a couple of Xena/Gabrielle pairs-and so many more costumes that I wasn't even familiar with. Lots of elaborate steampunk outfits...