Saturday, September 8, 2012

Even More Books

So in the week leading up to and during DragonCon, I went book crazy*.

I picked up some used books at Capitol Hill Books in D.C. before I left:

They have quite an impressive collection of Bradbury and Heinlein in the basement, if one is interested in such things. And quite amusing handwritten notes (depending on your political affiliation) scattered throughout the store.

I also scored a free book from T.C. McCarthy, the one science fiction author on the Transhumanist Panel at DragonCon:

Unlike the other panelists, he was interested in the darker implications and dangers of self-directed, mechanically enhanced evolution. Since this is a book blog, I'm not going to talk too much about it, but audience members brought up some really insightful questions about who will own or control the technology, what people have a right to do with their own bodies, and what constitutes "you." Several people did suggest science fiction books on the topic, including Singularity Sky, Permutation City, and the Golden Age trilogy, none of which I have read as yet.

Finally, I bought a book, since after attending the talk with Kevin J. Anderson, I was burning to read more of his stuff. I've read and enjoyed his Dune books with Brian Herbert and this is the first in his fantasy saga.

*For the above purchases and acquisitions, I blame my bibliomania-enabling boyfriend.

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