Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top Ten Books at the Top of My Spring TBR List

Top Ten Tuesdays-I will stop lying to you about my TBR lists. What I'm really going to read this spring will be articles and books related to my M.A. thesis-oh and books and articles for classes too:

1."The Country-House Poems of Lanyer, Jonson, Carew, and Marvell: Emblems of Social Change in the Seventeenth Century" by Diane Batchelet Gill

2. Women Writing of Divinest Things: Rhetoric and the Poetry of Pembroke, Wroth, and Lanyer by Lyn Bennett

3. Writing Women's Literary History by Margaret Ezell

4. Penshurst: The Semiotics of Place and the Poetics of History by Don Wayne

5. "The Gender of Religious Devotion: Lanyer and Donne" by Michael Schoenfeldt

6. " 'Let Us Have Our Libertie Againe': Aemilia Lanyer's Seventeenth Century Feminist Voice" by Lynette McGrath

7. " 'Whom the Lord with love affecteth': Gender and the Religious Poet 1590-1633" by Helen Wilcox

8. "Aemilia Lanyer and the Politics of Praise" by Su Fang Ng

9. " 'Owning' in Aemilia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum" by Audrey E. Tinkham

10. Anything by Barbara K. Lewalski

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to my thesis topic?


Anonymous said...

I remember spending an entire Spring with books / articles with my thesis. Good luck and I'm sure you'll do well! Writing and researching it, is a lonely process, but one that make you proud once you're done.

Jessica @ Literary, etc

Angelica @ Paperback Princess said...

I have never really heard of any of these books :( Hope you enjoy them though and you probably have never heard of any of my books in my Top Ten list LOL

Have a great week!

Liesel K Hill said...

I don't think I've heard of any of those, but some the titles sound interesting. I'll have to check them out. :D I have (different) TTTs at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill. Happy Tuesday! :D

Liesel K Hill said...

(Now following you via GFC, btw. Sorry, forgot to put that earlier. :D)

Gale Ratliff said...

I read some of the books and certainly found some good information and data from them. And from the looks of it, your thesis topic ideas deal with feminism of women and literature. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with your thesis project.