Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Women's Fiction Prize

The fact that this is necessary irks me a little, but then another part of me thinks this is really cool. Maybe having different prizes is a way that we can appreciate differences-as long as we're clear that we're only getting a limited perspective. It's nice to see some of these authors getting attention (even though Hilary Mantel doesn't need it).

Here's the Long List for the Women's Prize for Fiction, formerly the Orange Prize.

Should we have an American prize for women writers? What do you think?


Christine said...

I feel the same way- we want equality and respect and yet there's a prize for just women. If there was a prize for just men we'd be pissed. It's a tough call. And while there are a lot of awesome women on there, I'm just not okay with it.

Marie said...

I think it would be nice to have an American prize, because those prizes do drive book sales, and I'd love to make it easier to sell American womens' books.