Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bookish Goals 2014

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

Bookish and Not Bookish Goals for 2014

1. Post to the blog at least 5 times a month

2. Read more short stories

3. Read more poetry

4. Write every day

5. Go for a walk at least three times a week

6. Go to more bookish events, like this one

7. Read at least one book for a book club/discussion

8. Host a literary gathering of some sort

9. Read at least two books translated from a different language

10. Read at least three non-fiction books

I didn't meet many of my goals last year, so again this year, I am aiming to be as reasonable as possible, with the added caveat that it's totally okay if I don't meet all of my goals as long as I enjoy another year of reading and writing!

What are your goals, and are you worried about meeting them or not? Do you try to make goals that are easy to fulfill or ones that will really challenge you?

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