Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

This is an interesting one, Broke and Bookish. This week's TTT is top ten things I would be interested in reading about...

Top Ten Things on My Reading Wishlist

1. Early Modern Women Writers

Except I'm not going to be more specific, because I might want to write these books!

2. India/Pakistan

I'd be interested in some more fiction on either of these countries in general or about the conflicts and history behind the creation of the separate countries.

3. U.S. Occupations of the Philippines, Hawai'i, etc.

Again, I think there should be more fiction about this time period/moment in history.

4. Virtual worlds

Because Ready Player One was awesome

5. Non-humanoid aliens

Either encounters with, or from the perspective of.

6. Shapeshifters

Plenty of series about vampires, even werewolves, but shifters get short shrift.

7. Disabled protagonists

A girl and her sister are campaigning for the next American Girl doll to look more like her, and I thought, hmm, there's not a lot of that in fiction in general.

8. Science or math-oriented protagonists (as Biblibio's last post reminded me)

9. How to Take Over the World (Peacefully)

Just curious.

10. How to Get Everyone to Like You

'cause that would be useful.


Christine Kohler said...

Under #3, probably not the time period you are looking for, but you might read my novel NO SURRENDER SOLDIER which is set on Guam during the Vietnam war era but addresses issues from WWII Japanese occupation in the islands and Asia, and stragglers who hid on Guam (and the Philippines) after the U.S. liberated Guam. [Note: I covered politial status issues of Pacific nations and military base negotitions in the Philippines so this book came out of authentic research.]

Space Station Mir said...

Thanks Christine, I will check it out. It's not exactly the time period I'm looking for, but I would generally like to learn more about the territories.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list! Yes to all of these, particularly disabilities (and not just the standard ones) and India/Pakistan. I mean, I love Jhumpa Lahiri, but I need more than her. As for Hawaii, I read two books about Hawaii's last princess, one was a picture book and one was in the Royal Diaries Series (a spin-off of the Dear America series, both of which where awesome, educational books for elementary/middle girls). Everything I know about the US occupation of Hawaii (and how it became a state) is from those two books, as we never addressed it in school.

mrkohler1 said...

I enjoyed HEALING WATER by Joyce Moyer Hostetter, about leprocy in Hawaii. http://joycemoyerhostetter.info

Graham Salisbury writes WWII Hawaiian MG novels, but I love his contemporary such as BLUE SKIN OF THE SEA and NIGHT OF THE HOWLING DOGS about his years growing up in Hawaii.

(I'm a grad of U of Hawaii.)

Space Station Mir said...


I also read the Royal Diary of Princess Kauilani. It was a good book, but it definitely left me wanting more.