Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Book-Related Problems I Have

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

1. Not. Enough. Time.

(to read all the books, that's what time is for, right?)

2. Spend more time savoring the book I just finished...or start reading the tempting new book?

3. Or read polyamorously? How many can I read before I can't give adequate attention to the rest?

4. Suitcases that are too small for all the books I want to read

5. Paperbacks vs. Hardbacks

Cheap and portable or beautiful and durable?!? The eternal conundrum. Don't even bring in matching series.

6. Matching series.

Is it more important to get the book I need NOW or wait till I can get the same edition I have the rest of the series in? Ugh.

7. Library vs. Bookstore

Free for three weeks or not-free and mine forever?

8. Bookshelf space. 'Nuff said.

9. Laughing aloud in public places

10. Needing to discuss a book...and nobody else you know has read it


Anonymous said...

I'm a total poly reader. My number is 7. I wrote a post about it last week:

I read a Janet Evanovich book while on jury duty (not is the courtroom, of course, just in the assembly room) and felt so weird about laughing, even quietly.

Stephanie said...

Time! Why isn't there more! I also have gotten into reading several books at one time in my efforts to deal with the limited time thing.