Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

1. I've finally gone over to the dark side: my parents got me an ereader for Hanukkah. At this point I've been tempted for a while, and between all the free classics available in eformat and so many books for review that are only available in eformat, I couldn't resist. I always thought I would get a Nook, since I used to work at B&N, but Kindle won out for reasons, and my main objection, that they used to not accept any formats but their own, has since changed. So far, I've managed to get it set up and "purchased" a free copy of Under the Lilacs; regular use has yet to commence.

2. To my everlasting relief, I managed to get my library card renewed after all. I went back to the library and talked to a different librarian, who was perfectly happy to renew my card using my work ID that proves I still work in the county. Crisis resolved!

3. Per the last two items, once I figure out how to borrow ebooks from the library, THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING ME! MUAHAHAHAHA!

4. I'm taking off work early today to go see Star Wars with my boyfriend because I love him that much (I like Star Wars, but not enough to see it on opening day otherwise. I'm more of a Trek fan). However, I have a cold, so if I start coughing in the theatre, he is going to pretend not to be associated with me =(

That's all, folks! Look forward to reading yours!

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