Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Reading Life

Just Finished

I finished listening to the audiobook this week. It was enjoyable, but I'm not sure whether or not I will continue the Dresden Files series. On the one hand, I'd like to learn more about protagonist Harry Dresden's world of technology-disrupting wizards; batlike, skinwearing vampires; and summonable demons in contemporary Chicago. On the other hand, I'm annoyed by Dresden's casual sexism and apparent belief that women are somehow different from people. I wonder if his character evolves in his conception of women throughout the series, or it's just an uninterrogated feature.

Currently Reading

Still enjoying this collection of Norse poetry and mythology! I didn't realize how big frost-giants were in the lore, or how many names Tolkien took from the Edda--Durin the father of dwarves is straight out of here; there's also a Greybeard, Gudrun, and many similar-sounding names. Also, didn't realize that Freya was a male god, who is not the same as the goddess Frigg/Freyja. Very much in the vein of Homeric poetry and Greek myths, but honestly, cooler.

I started listening to this audiobook from the library. It's historical fiction, narrated by the prophet Nathan, about his experiences with the Biblical King David, and so far does a lot of skipping back and forth in time, which is harder for me with audiobooks, but I'm willing to keep reading for now.

Up Next

My parents got me these books from my list for Hanukkah, so the hardest part is deciding what to read first!

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