Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I fractured my foot a week or so ago and have to wear a boot for the next several weeks. The fracture isn't fun, however, as someone who is often in invisible pain, it's interesting to experience what it's like to have a visible disability. It's a topic of conversation that other people naturally bring up, which I actually like (re: part of the reason I dyed my hair purple in college), since I'm often at a loss as to how to start a conversation. However, I can certainly imagine other people in similar situations who don't appreciate it.

2. On the other hand, I should perhaps be more intentional about improving my social and conversational skills. It's something that's bothered me about myself for, well, most of my life, and when I was recently training to be a supervisor, I feel like I learned and started practicing all kinds of "common sense" emotional skills that were...not common sense to me, or at least, not something I ever actively thought about before. Anyone else in this situation have any good book recommendations? I enjoyed Crucial Conversations from one of my trainings and Radical Candor by Kim Malone Scott in this vein (until she started talking about gender, alas). Still worth reading, though.

 3. We're starting to look at houses. Not sure if we're going to get one this year, but we agreed we are going to look. Any advice for first-time home buyers? I would love to hear firsthand experiences, and opinions/regrets post-home-buying. I'm nervous about the amount of money and level of responsibility, plus, how will I decorate a house if I can't even decorate an apartment?

4. Our dog, Janeway, (instagram: @janewayeatsbooks) has been barking a lot lately (not totally unusual for her or her breed; she's three-quarters Pembroke Welsh corgi) and we've been brainstorming how to preempt it. We've been going back to the principles we learned from her "Puppy Kindergarten" class (Howard Weinstein at Day One Dog Training, highly recommend) and back to "border collie" toys that we'd purchased for her. Just like it did when she was younger, challenging her to find treats in her toys has made for a calmer, quieter dog and happier dog parents! We've used Kongs, Mad Scientist for Dogs, level 2, and other puzzle toys. What are your dogs' favorites?


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I hope your injury heals quickly. I've had friends with fractured ankles, etc., and walking in the boot is challenging.

Buying a house nowadays would be different than when I bought mine over the years, in the 60s and 70s...and then I bought my house in the foothills in 1994. I sold it in 2007, but the market was a mess, so I didn't buy another. I'm renting a condo, and I like not having to pay for any needed repairs. But I did love home ownership for a while. Good luck!


Space Station Mir said...

@Laurel-Rain Thanks! I enjoy not having to pay for repairs while renting, but if we ever want to own a house, the next couple years might be our best shot!

Kayla Gonzalez said...

:( Sorry about the injury.

As for buying a home, it really depends on what your looking for. I'm actually an agent in the state I live in and the first thing I tell anyone I know if your even considering is get pre approved. If for nothing else to find out what you qualify for, it also gives you a chance to see if there is anything you can do to improve your loan. Take the time to interview both mortgage side and agent side.

If you want to talk in more detail or want help finding an agent in your area let me know. Good luck! Buying a home should be a fun experience. <3

Space Station Mir said...

@Kayla Thanks for the advice!