Book Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review. Please send requests to bookgirl89(at)

My interests are in science fiction, especially with strong female characters and involving space or time travel. I am interested also in fantasy novels, with strong female characters and elaborate world-building, and historical fiction novels, especially those set in Tudor or Stuart England.

Please understand that it may take some time for me to post a review or that I may choose not to post one. If I choose not to post a review, it is because I feel that I am not the appropriate audience for the book and could not do it justice. If I do review a book, I will include my complete and unbiased opinions and will try to post it as close as possible to the release date (if the review request was sent prior to the release date).

Please do not send unpublished manuscripts or self-published books at this time.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! How does one submit a book for review?

Space Station Mir said...
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