Friday, January 1, 2010

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Speaking of cultures and society, I leave for Spain on January 9.

Instead of continuing as a book blog with a specific goal for number of books to read in a year, Space Station Mir will become a chronicle for my adventures in Spain. Expect a post for each new place that I visit, with pictures! I also plan to continue reviewing books, however I will not make a set goal for number of books to read this year.

I do pledge myself to read at least one book in Spanish that was not assigned for a class.

In terms of my goals for 2009, I was not diligent enough in keeping track of them. Looking back, I've fulfilled some of them and not others. The greatest trend in my reading this year, which marks a huge deviation for me, is that I've read more non-fiction than I think I've read any other year in my life. I've finally developed the ability to sustain interest in non-fiction other than biographies. For a while, biographies were the only non-fiction I ever read, with the exception of Richard Dawkins books.

My goals for 2009 were:

1. 5 nonfiction
2. 10 books published in 2009
3. 5 science fiction
4. 1 book of poetry
5. 5 books translated from a language other than English

My results:

1. 17 non-fiction
2. 5 books published in 2009 (don't ask me who deserves what award!)
3. 5 science fiction (right on target...phew! Also, not counting fantasy or there would be more)
4. 0 books of poetry (unless you count my school's literary magazine. I read tons of published and unpublished poems for that.)
5. 9 books translated from a language other than English

This year, I surpassed my overall goal of 52 books, and read 65 books, more than one per week on average!

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue reading in 2010!

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Marie said...

Hope you had/are having a great time in spain! Can't wait to read about your adventures!