Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm in a transitional life phase, so to speak, and I just moved back to live with my parents for the summer. As both my home and dorm rooms were overflowing with books and the situation is getting untenable, I've managed to convince myself to let go of those books that I'm fairly sure I will never read again. I've been a member of Bookmooch since 2009, and I just listed 8 books in my inventory, probably more to come.

I've enjoyed being a member of Bookmooch, I've managed to get a few titles I was interested in and more that I found through browsing the Bookmooch inventory. While the selection is not always inspiring, it's a great tool and I would definitely encourage more people to join, so more books can be shared. It's exciting to be notified whenever a book on my wishlist is available, and I have to race to get to it first!

How does this help with overflow? In the long term, not much. However, this way I can build up points for books, sort of an investment for a future time when I have space for more. I also get to maximize space for books that I am interested in and likely to read again.

See sidebar for books I've listed on Bookmooch. Some are books I've reviewed on this blog and I think will interest a wide range of readers.

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