Thursday, June 23, 2011

Question: What fictional character are you (secretly) in love with?

My Answer: Well, it won't be a secret anymore, but my current fictional crush is Peeta Mellark, from The Hunger Games. In the eponymous Games, it's Peeta's public declaration of love for Katniss that makes her a hot contender, and I'd be lying if I said his love for her wasn't part of her attraction to the reader as well. While Katniss isn't sure she loves him back, I was rooting for Peeta all along. Peeta risks (and faces) injury, humiliation, and death to save Katniss, but it's not just this seemingly macho display that makes him such a winning guy. Peeta is genuinely sweet and thoughtful, he's artistic, he's a genius at frosting cakes! He's a charming speaker too, but has no stomach for fighting or betrayal. Even while he constantly tries to protect Katniss, Peeta is the one who truly needs to be protected-and whose goodness is deserving of protection.

Basically, Peeta is everything I want in a guy. Blind devotion to me, but also intelligence, passions of his own, friendly and well-liked. A good baker doesn't hurt either. The dialogue between Katniss and Peeta I found to be frequently touching, and the love (or whatever, on Katniss' side) felt so real to me that if I were her, I'd have been head over heels.


Anna said...

I was always so torn between Peeta and Gale.

My current fictional crush is Captain Wentworth from Austen's Persuasion.

Space Station Mir said...

Captain Wentworth is definitely my favorite Austen hero. Unlike Darcy or Edmund, he's humble, self-made and just more human.

redhead said...

my not at all secret fictional character crush is Locke Lamora.

is he everything I want in a man? well, he's good looking, smart, swears like a sailor and is a thieving bastard. So, not exactly what I want in a mate.

but he's so damn hot when he cons people out of their stuff. . . .