Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top 10 Characters I'd Switch Places With for 24 Hours

I missed Top Ten Tuesday this week, so:

1. Hermione Granger in Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire

Before things got too out of hand, I'd love to explore Diagon Alley, amble around Hogsmeade, and, yes, browse the Hogwarts library. Plus, going to class and using the Time Turner would be cool too.

2. Anne Shirley in Anne of the Island

She always seems to be having so much fun, plus I'd get to go to McGill, Nova Scotia, AND Prince Edward Island.

3. Katy Carr in What Katy Did Next

I'll take one of the fun days meandering around Europe, please.

4. Lisbeth Salander in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I wouldn't want to experience any of the horrible things that happen to her. But on an average day? I'd like to be Lisbeth Salander, genius computer hacker, with awesome tattoos and incredible lovers like Mikhail and Mimi. Plus, I'd love to check out Stockholm.

5. Daniel Sempere in The Shadow of the Wind

I'd like to see Daniel's Barcelona (unfortunately, my own experience with Barcelona was far too brief) and the Cemetery of Forgotten Books!

6. Pippin Took from Lord of the Rings

Who am I kidding? I need to go to Middle Earth, and Pippin gets to go to a lot of cool places without the intense suffering of a lot of his fellows.

7. Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey

Catherine gets to go to Bath and Northanger Abbey and is never in any real danger. Actually, I'd like to take the place of most of Austen's heroines for a day.

8. Mary Boleyn from The Other Boleyn Girl

I'd get to see the Tudor court at no risk to my head. By that token, I might not mind being Anne of Cleves after the marriage was over.

9. Katsa from Graceling

It would be cool to have Katsa's powers for a day.

10. Elizabeth I from the eponymous novel by Margaret George

You knew it was coming.

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