Wednesday, September 25, 2013

London Falls Flat (For Me)

I've been saying I'm going to read London Falling by Paul Cornell.

I'm not. Or rather, I'm not going to finish it.

As soon as I started reading it became clear that despite the promise of dark fantasy and the lure of a former "Dr. Who" screenwriter, this is not a book for me.

The beginning of the novel, at least, reads more like a police procedural, taking place on the dodgy side of London. It features hard-boiled and corrupt cops with Cockney accents. Some readers might eat this up with crumpets and lick their lips. It's just not my cup of tea, and I'm not going to finish it for the sake of finishing it. I gave it the old 50-page try, and if you think you'd like it better, please be my guest!


I will give away my copy, which I received from the publisher, to the first commenter who lives within the continental United States. Comment away!

*Edit* A friend of mine has claimed my copy of the book, I hope she enjoys it!

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