Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reading Statistics 2015

Reading Statistics 2015

How many books read in 2015?

How many books read by female authors?
45/70 or 64%.

How many books by minority authors?
17/70 or 24%.

How many books from other countries?

How many translated books?
6 and a half (The half was Beirut Noir, a book of short stories, some of which were translated from either French or Arabic).

How many non-fiction books?

How many short story anthologies?

How many books of poetry?

How many SFF books?

Book Goals 2015

As you can see above, I met many of my 2015 reading (and other) goals.

Bookish and Non Bookish Goals for 2015

1. Post to the blog at least 6 times a month. -For the most part, yes! There were only four months where I made fewer than 6 posts. 

2. Read even more short stories--and do a better job of keeping track of them. Plan a "Best Short Stories" and/or "Best SFF Short Stories" post for the end of this year.-I read more short stories this year, but about equivalent or fewer than last year, and I didn't keep track for a post.

3. Read more books, stories, poems etc. by minority authors. I've done a fair job in recent years of reading more women, let's see if I can do the same for minorities/be more aware of that in my reading.-I really tried to be more aware of this, and saw this become a huge part of the bookish zeitgeist this year. Still, this only comprised 24% of my reading, so I clearly need to focus more on this in future years.

4. Read more books from other countries (sneaky way of saying "read more translated books," but this will also cover other English-speaking countries).-I finally managed to do this way more than any other year! I read 10 books from other countries, and 6 and a half books translated from other languages, which is maybe the most I've ever done in this category! I read three books translated from Spanish, one from Italian, one from Russian, one from Japanese, and one book of short stories, some of which were translated from French or Arabic.

5. Write more short stories.-I didn't write any short stories, but I wrote most of a novel during NaNoWriMo in November.

6. Submit more writing to

7. Read more pedagogical texts.-Definitely did this. Read so many articles and books for work. 

8. Go to more professional development classes and seminars.-Definitely did this. 

9. Read more how-to texts,i.e. learn more about computers and other life skills.-I did this too, although it didn't show up a lot on the blog because, um, who wants to hear about books on computers and finances? I did read books on writing that showed up on the blog and some more "life skills" books might be showing up. 

10. Live better-exercise more, eat healthier, relax more. -Kind of. I exercised a lot more, because of this thing!

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